Homonyms are words that sound alike but are spelled differently. Here are some examples:

(way, weigh)     Which way are you going? How much does the truck weigh?

(week, weak)     A week of heavy work will make you feel weak.

(whole, hole)     He dumped the whole load of sand into the excavated hole.

(wood, would)   He would like to saw wood.

The list of homonyms:


aisle, isle
altar, alter
ascent, assent

bail, bale
ball, bawl
bare, bear
base, bass
be, bee
beach, beech

beat, beet

beau, bow

been, bin

bell, belle

berth, birth

bier, beer

blew, blue

board, bored

bough, bow

brake, break

buy, by

canvas, canvass,

ceiling, sealing

cell, sell

cellar, sellar

cent, sent, scent

cereal, serial




chord, cord

cite, sight, site

clause, claws

coarse, course

creak, creek

currant, current

dear, deer

dew, due

die, dye

done, dun

earn, urn

fair, fare

faint, feint

feat, feet

fir, fur

flea, flee

flew, flue

flour, flower

fore, four, for

foul, fowl

gait, gate

great, grate

groan, grown

hair, hare

hall, haul

hale, hail

heal, heel

hear, here



heard, herd

heir, air

hoes, hose

hole, whole

hour, our

idol, idle

in, inn

kernel, colonel

knead, need

know, new

knot, not

know, no

lain, lane

lead, led

lessen, lesson

lie, lye

loan, lone

made, made

mail, male

main, mane

manner, mane

mantel, mantle

meat, meet

medal, meddle

miner, minor

moan, mown

muscle, mussel

none, nun







one, won

pail, pale

pain, pane

pair, pare, pear

peal, peel,

plain, plane

pore, pour

pray, prey

pride, pried

principle, principal

profit, prophet

rain, rein, reign

raise, raze

read, reed

real, reel,

rest, wrest

rhyme, rime

right, write,wright, rite

ring, wring

road, rode, rowed

role, roll

rose, rows

rough, ruff

sail, sale

scene, seen







sea, see

seam, seem

sent, scent, cent

sew, saw, so

shone, shown

sight, cite, site

slay, sleigh

soar, sore,

sole, soul

some, sum

son, sun

stake, steak

stair, stare


steal, steel

straight, strait

suite, sweet

tail, tale

their, there

throne, thrown

threw, through

to, too, two

toe, tow

vail, veil, vale

vain, vane, vein

vice, vise

wade, weighed

ware, wear, where

wrote, rote