UEFA ya gönderilmiş gerçek bir e-posta


Are you from Fenerbahçe or from Besiktas, the turkish other football teams.They are our together & forever competitors. You say that turkish can not come to the match. But we must come!The supporters are the twelweth player in a team,why are we playing with one player absent!

We protest you! As you know english police still carry no gun,and they say that they can not protect turkish from the holigans!So why are they still not carrying guns.Everybody must be clever! If no turkish for the match,then why are we not making the match in a sideless stadium. Galatasaray will take the cup anyway,we are just protesting.This is only protesto but if no protesto is enough we know other ways.

UEFA must be clever. ...

Nihat Maçkan / İstanbul


(Turkish) [Telaffuzdan Türkçe anlam çıkıyor.]
A : Buck ban bit all doom!
B : Bit me?
A : A vet.
B : Can din me?
A : A vet. Can dim.
B : Why it why!A : Higher, higher, Bit all doom.
B : Ha, all do. Why bit why! 
A : Deaf all , high one! 

(English) A : Look I became a louse. B : A louse? A : Yes. B : By yourself? A : Yes, myself. B : You bloody dog. A : No. I became a louse. B : Oh, OK then. You bloody louse. A : Go away, animal!

(Turkish) [Telaffuzdan Türkçe anlam çıkıyor.] A : Dad an honey? B : Dad am me? A : A vet. B : Bill ma’am. A : My moon! Cart catchy! B : Ban me?A :Higher. Dad an my moon. B : Buck! My moon candy bob under.

(English) A : Where is your grandfather? B : My grandfather?A : Yes. B : Don’t know. A : Monkey! Old goat!B : Me? A : No. Your grandfather is a monkey. B : Look! Monkey is your own grandfather. TIPS Buck : Male animal. Ban : Prohibit, limit. Doom : Fate, death. Din : A loud noise. Dim : Not bright, pale Catchy: Easily remembered, tricky. Bob : To move quickly down and up Vet : A veterinarian. Cart : A heavy, two-wheeled vehicle usually drawn by a horse

Yasin Aslan / Konya

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