Sarah, John, Andy and Lisa were sitting in the student coffee bar. They wanted to buy a new heart machine for the local hospital so they were trying to decide how to raise money for it. Finally they solved the problem. They decided to join a sponsored walk to the top of Chervis Hill. They began to prepare everything. They bought and borrowed warm clothes: jackets, boats and hats. Lisa organized the food and drink. Andy bought a first aid kit, a knife, matches, a map and compass. They persuaded friends and relatives, shops and businesses to sponsor them for the charity walk. John and Sarah talked to a reporter from the local newspaper about it. The reporter told John something and gave him an expensive camera. He wanted to take some photo from John

They left at seven in the morning. Finally the four friends arrived at the top of Chervis Hill. John and Andy tired and they both sat down on a rock but Sarah and Lisa wanted to go because the weather was changing. John wanted to take a photo at the top of Chervis Hill. The camera flashed. They heard and loud and horrible cry like an animal in pain. They didn’t understand what was that. Only John remembered the reporter’s warning but he thought it couldn’t be true. When they were walking they saw something. Three dead sheep lay on the ground. There was blood everywhere. They didn’t understand what killed them.

It became darker, colder and suddenly foggy. They began to walk but they decided to go which side. When they was talking they heard some wild and lonely cry. So nobody moved. ‘What is that’ said Sarah. ‘I think it is the creature of Markham Moor that reporter told me about it.’ said John. The reporter gave the camera to John. John took the camera because the reporter promised John a lot of money for a photo. Suddenly they heard the cry again. The creature was coming. They began to escape. Suddenly Lisa fell. She held her leg.

Finally they were face to face. The creature was awful. They tried to run towards the hut but Lisa couldn’t move fast. The creature started to move towards them. After that Sarah flashed the creature face’s with camera. And they reached the hut and closed the door. They stayed there during the night.

Their parents came there at the morning. They were reunited to their children. They took 5,000 and the hospital got its new heart machine.


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